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Catch up on the latest coverage of Americans for Carbon Dividends from top media outlets.


Wall Street Journal

Exxon Puts Up $1 Million to Campaign for a Carbon Tax

By Timothy Puko


The Washington Post

ExxonMobil gives $1 million to promote a carbon tax-and-dividend plan

By Steven Mufson



Exxon gives million-dollar backing to carbon tax push

By Amy Harder



Exxon Puts $1 Million Into Quest for Carbon Tax and Rebate

By Jennifer A. Dlouhy and Christopher Flavelle


Financial Times

ExxonMobil gives $1m to campaign for a carbon tax

By Ed Crooks


New York Times

New Group, With Conservative Credentials, Plans Push for a Carbon Tax

By John Schwartz



Exelon, First Solar Bankroll Campaign to Push for a U.S. Carbon Tax

By Jennifer A Dlouhy


Wall Street Journal

Conservative Group Will Push for Carbon Tax, a Contrast to GOP Resistance

By Bradley Olson and Timothy Puko



Nuclear, Renewable Firms Fund New Group Pushing Carbon Tax

By Amy Harder



Trump Makes Waves with EO

By Kelsey Tamborrino