A Climate Solution Where All Sides Can Win

Ted Halstead takes the TED stage to talk carbon dividends and propose the conservative climate plan with bipartisan potential.

James A. Baker, III Speaks at Council Launch Event

James A. Baker III takes the stage at the Climate Leadership Council's launch event to discuss the Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends.


Lawrence Summers Explains How Carbon Dividends Work

Lawrence Summers appears on Bloomberg to discuss how carbon dividends are a possible climate control solution.

A Breakthrough Climate Solution

Students for Carbon Dividends is a student-led group supporting the Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividends plan.


Martin Feldstein Speech at Climate Leadership Council Launch Event


 Greg Mankiw Remarks on Carbon Dividends at Council Launch Event



Mark Tercek on Carbon Dividends at Aspen Ideas Festival

President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy, Mark Tercek, discusses the Climate Leadership Council's plan for carbon dividends at the Aspen Ideas Festival.